On March 21st 1994,

While the 66th Academy Awards were taking place in Los Angeles, Hugo Coucke was born in Melun, France. He quickly showed creative skills as a child. To this day, a couple of his drawings from kindergarten are framed and hung in his mother's living room.

He grew up watching a lot of television, taking his family to the movies and was the one choosing what to watch. From American Beauty, Sunset Boulevard, Psycho to Mean GirlsToy Story and Scream, he always loved American films and entertainment. He was also always fascinated and interested by a lot of TV shows, advertisements and filmmaking.

After graduating with honors high school in 2012 from the French High School of Beijing in China, he chose to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in cinema, specializing in editing at the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français in Paris. He learned during that time the whole process of making films, working as a team, following a creative direction and graduated in June 2015 with honors.

Hugo believes in the importance of the story and its' rhythm, according to the medium it is meant for. You can tell the same story in 30 seconds, 90 minutes or 24 episodes.